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A Little Ditty To Brighten Your Day
David 'Kip' Koontz

January 22, 2002

Sing this little ditty to the tune of the well-known children's song B-I-N-G-O! and have fun.

There was a senator came to town and Alex was his name-o, A-l-ex-eo, A-l-ex-eo, A-l-ex-eo and Alex was his name-o.

He went to 'naplis and declared, "those gays are really bad-o, b-a-bad-eo, b-a-bad-eo, b-a-bad-eo those gays are really bad-o."

And then the gov'ner did decree, "a law we shall now pass-o, p-a-s-s-o, p-a-s-s-o, p-a-s-s-o, a law we shall a pass-o."

At that the senator did exclaim, "I'm now the gov'ner's rival, r-i-v-a-l, r-i-v-a-l, r-i-v-al, I am his biggest rival."

Then Alex did announce that, "I'll filibuster, oh so, fil-i-buster-o, fil-i-buster-o, fil-i-buster-o, I'll filibuster oh so!

And while he huffed and puffed Fred-rick did lose, lot's and lot's of cash-o, c-a-s-h-o, c-a-s-h-o, c-a-s-h-o, poor Fred-rick we lost cash-o.

And then the senator announced he'd run again this year-o, y-e-a-r-o, y-e-a-r-o, y-e-a-r-o, he'll run again this year-o.

But he will need so he can win, 500 thousand dough-o, d-o-u-g-h, d-o-u-g-h, d-o-u-g-h, he'll need a bunch oh dough though!

And then the census came along and changed the district uh, oh! U-h-o-h-o, u-h-o-h-o, u-h-o-h-o and changed the district uh, oh!

Poor Alex he did go "boo- hoo" cause running just got tougher, t-o-u-g-her, t-o-u-g-her, t-o-u-g-her cause running just got tougher.

There's one thing Alex should have learned "you reap what you do sow-o, s-o-w-o, s-o-w-o, s-o-w-o, you reap what you do sow-o."



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