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Boo Hoo! Boo Hoo! Whaaa! Whaaa! Whaaa!
David 'Kip' Koontz

April 23, 2002

State Senator Alex Mooney is already a ballin' his eyes out because, heavens forbid in an election year, someone or some group may be organizing to help defeat him.

SS is whining about the start up of "DefeatMooney.com" that is in the process of organizing to assist in pointing out SS's deficiencies as a senator.

His hissy fit right now is directed at the fact that "DefeatMooney.com" is not yet registered with the state elections board.

Too bad SS doesn't understand election rules. While the group is still organizing, formalizing its mission statement, selecting officers and so on, it doesn't have to register.

It must register when it begins to raise money. "DefeatMooney.com" has not raised a single cent.

Conversations with the brainchild of the site have revealed that paperwork is complete and on its way to Annapolis, ahead of the legal need to do so.

It was decided to do so simply to prevent SS from getting so upset that he might wet his pants in public or something. Not that his doing so wouldn't be fun to watch.

SS was just desperate to find anything to whack at his opponent, Sue Hecht, hoping that "DefeatMooney.com" was in some way connected with her campaign.

It is most assuredly not.

Pity that SS is too arrogant to believe that there are many people, that cross party lines, religious denominations, economic class, and so many more, who want to see him back at his prior job, driving for a second rate congressman.

"DefeatMooney.com", when launched, will simply be a site used to point out the deficiencies and mean behavior exhibited by SS during his tenure in office.

It is hysterically funny to ponder SS questioning the validity of "DefeatMooney.com" after the campaign tactics he used against the Honorable Jack Derr four years ago.

Don't forget folks, SS learned from the foot of his uncle, the former mayor of Miami Xavier Suarez, who's election was overturned because of fraud and irregularities.

Great stock.

The point of "DefeatMooney.com" is to hopefully balance the probable lies, innuendos, half truths and whole untruths that will most likely belch out of SS's campaign like smoke from a steel mill.

Ms. Hecht should beware because SS may well have scouts rummaging through her trash in order to determine if there is something negative to say about the brand of toilet paper or tissues she uses.

Maybe he'll find Ms. Hecht has refrigerator magnets that read "Have a Nice Day" or something like that. Certainly, SS can construe that into being some sort of lefty slogan that he could use to say she shouldn't win.

Maybe he will find that she has a Bible or two in her home and attack her because "liberal sickos" could never, ever, believe in God.

SS has a patent on God, doesn't he?

Maybe SS's swat team will find information indicating that Ms. Hecht stops for red lights!

How dare she abide by that damn silly liberal law that violates our individual liberties?

Ms. Hecht must indeed be certain to shred anything that may be turned into a campaign issue, like a receipts that shows she had lunch with someone who isn't a hatemonger.

After all, SS's favorite tactic is to say those people who actually look for the good in others are big bad nasty liberals.

And boy is Ms. Hecht in trouble for having a room full of diverse people in attendance at her kick-off party.

What fun SS will have making hay out of the fact that there were people of color, senior citizens, children, parents, grandparents, women, men, maybe a nasty gay or lesbian snuck in, some rich folk and some poor folk, some had long hair, some with short, there were doctors and lawyers and laborers and school teachers and, oh well, you know, a cross-section of our population.

Hecht Yes! even had a "Republicans for Hecht" committee collecting names of Republican volunteers.

The difference about these two candidates is that SS, you see, has no problem simply regurgitating his hateful venom himself.

Ms. Hecht on the other hand is not the type of person who will stoop to his level in response to his never ceasing spouting of trash talk.

That's where "DefeatMooney.com" can play a big role - getting the truth out there.

The truth must be told and the truth will be told. So, if a group of concerned citizens wants to monitor the news and report on the behavior of SS, bully for them!

When and if "DefeatMooney.com" gets up and running, SS will realize how big a baby he is and accept that the Hecht campaign has nothing to do with the mission of this website.

Last time one checked, the U.S.A. is still a participatory democracy. Too bad SS can't comprehend how he has prompted many to want to participate to boot him out of office.

They didn't need Ms. Hecht's encouragement, or money, or advise. They simply needed to watch him for the last four years.

SS claims he was told about the formation of "DefeatMooney.com" from someone who attended a United Democrats of Frederick County meeting.

Obviously, UDFC has a serpent, who is an agent for the Prince of Darkness, in their midst.

Some say that it really doesn't take much to figure out who the forked-tongue serpent is that slithered to his boss, the Prince of Darkness, to hiss in his ear the tidbit of info. They just wondered if the serpent slithered through a school board meeting on his way to meet his master.

From what they say, there are some interesting things that can be implemented to rid one's organization of a snake in the grass. Seems it may be time to do so.

Let's just make sure we rid our home of his master as well.


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